Sepatu Safety BATA CLARKS1P


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Sepatu Safety BATA CLARK
The safety shoe Clark S1P is made with Barton Leather a very sturdy natural material. It features Bata Xtreme. The CLARK S1P features the same technology as the safety boot FRAZER S1 but it features also a Steel Mid Sole-Impact with a Resistance of 200 J which is a perforation-resistant mid-sole. The EVA with BATA VentAir helps your feet breathe while working keeping them dry in the process.
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Equator shoes are strong and well-designed safety shoes. These safety shoes are created to provide comfort for your feet. The outsole of Equator safety shoes feature the Bata Tunnelsystem® and is direct injected with double density PU-PU material.
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Sepatu Safety BATA CLARKS1P

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